Rex Gears Military 10-IN-1 Multi-Functional Folding Shovel

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This multifunctional tool is for basic functions such as a shovel, saw. bottle opener, hoe, hook, hunting knife, can opener, compass, etc. This shovel can also be used as a tactical shovel, it is a military portable folding shovel with sharp spade and adjustable handle. Unique lock structure makes it simple to alternate functions. The spade can be used at 90 degrees  (hoe) or 180 degrees (shovel). Multifunction: digging, sawing, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering and shoveling. Ideal for on the go gardener, adventurist, camper, hunter, hiker, cyclist, mountain climbing and mountaineering. Amazingly lightweight and portable, this sturdy folding trench shovel is convenient to store in your bag.